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What is Namboo?

Namboo is an online artisan marketplace

The aim of Namboo is to make it easier for traders to sell products and for customers to find products. It is a platform to promote the great array of quality artisan products that are available in Hanoi (and across Vietnam).

Artisans (or “traders”) have their own page on the Namboo platform, linked into the landing page. The traders’ pages list their products and customers can order online.

What are artisans?

Namboo’s definition of artisan is people who source, design or make products. This can include food and drink, crafts, clothes, toiletries and photography prints, among other things. We also list people who are distributing on behalf of other artisans.

This category does not include mass / factory produced items and we do not allow restaurants to sell their full menu or pre-prepared meals on the site.


What are the benefits of Namboo to customers?

Now, instead of searching around on Facebook and Google for products that aren’t available in regular shops, like foreign food products and unique clothing and accessories, customers have one place that they can find a wide range of products. Not only can they find what they are looking for but, as it grows, Namboo will act as a source of inspiration; a place people can go to search for gifts or something special for Saturday dinner. 

How do I order from Namboo?

Namboo makes ordering easy. Select the products, add them to your cart and checkout. The trader will receive your order and arrange delivery and payment (if paying in cash).

Can I order from more than one trader?

At the moment, each trader has a separate shopping cart, so you will have to make one order from each trader you want to buy from. This may change in the future – watch this space!

How do I pay?

Payment terms available depend on each individual trader, but include cash on delivery, bank transfer and PayPal. When you check out you will see the options available and can select your preference. Some traders will only accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer for orders outside certain districts of Hanoi. Please check the trader’s page for details.

If you choose PayPal, you will be immediately re-directed to PayPal. You can pay you’re your PayPal account or with a credit or debit card.

If you choose bank transfer, please make the payment immediately after placing your order to avoid delays to delivery. The exception is if the delivery fee is not fixed. In this instance you will have to wait for the trader to confirm the fee before making payment.

Do I have to pay for delivery?

Yes. Each trader has set different delivery zones and prices. Make sure you check the shipping details table on the traders’ site before ordering. You might be required to input a coupon code at checkout to get a reduced delivery fee for your area. This will either be FREESHIP (free) or LOCALSHIP (discount). Some traders have set minimum order amounts for checkout or for free delivery. This is all detailed in the shipping table.

If you live in an area without a fixed delivery fee, the trader will contact you after ordering to confirm the fee. See next question.

Do you deliver everywhere in Vietnam?

Until end May 2018, Namboo traders are located in, and only deliver within, Hanoi. However, it will be extended in June to cover Danang, Hoi An and HCMC. When you go to the site and select your city, you will only see the traders that deliver to your area.

Which districts are covered depends on each trader, but most traders will deliver anywhere in their city for a fee. If your district is not shown in the shipping table, or is included in the “Other districts in [city]” and says “Delivery fee calculated on order” or similar, the trader will contact you after you have placed your order to confirm the delivery fee. You will need to add this to your bank transfer or cash payment.

If you need to check the delivery fee before placing an order, please contact us on

If you want to make an order from an area the trader does not cover, please contact us on telling us who you want to order from, what you want to order, and your location. We will check with the trader and respond.

What happens if I don’t hear from the trader after order?

After ordering, you will receive confirmation. If you have specified a delivery time in your order (which is advised) then expect to receive the delivery at that time unless the trader contacts you to arrange an alternative time. If you have not specified a time, the trader will contact you to arrange. Please note any details on the trader page regarding delivery lead times.

If you do not hear from the trader or the delivery does not arrive as expected, you can contact us on during working hours: Monday to Friday, 9 – 5pm.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about a trader, please first address with the trader if you have their details. If it is not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact us on with full details of the complaint.


What are the benefits of Namboo to traders?

Many of the traders that have signed up to Namboo were previously reliant on Facebook and word of mouth for orders. Some had websites and sold through 3rdparty shops. Namboo gives traders an additional outlet through which to promote their brand and sell their products.

Not only is it another space online, but Namboo promotes the site to customers through digital marketing and print media. There is also the option to pay for additional advertising, either with a slider advert on the site or a header or feature ad on Namboo’s Facebook page.

Who can become a trader on Namboo?

Please see the criteria here:

What areas does Namboo cover?

Up to end May 2018, Namboo only includes traders in Hanoi. However, it will be extended to Danang, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City in June. It doesn’t matter where you are located: if you deliver to one or more of these cities, we can list you on Namboo. You will be asked for more shipping information after you sign-up.

How do I sign-up?

First, check the criteria and conditions and, if you meet the criteria, fill in the sign-up form on the Namboo website here:

We will send you more details after we receive and check your application.

Do I have to list a minimum number of products?

There is no minimum. You can list one if you like!

Is there a maximum number of products that I can list?

No, as long as they meet the criteria.

I have different variants of one product, like size and colour. How does that work?

We can add multiple variants under one product. Customers select from a dropdown and the price is calculated accordingly.

Can I list more than one company?

Yes. As long as they all meet the criteria and sell different types of product. Please complete a sign-up form for each company.

Can I sell made to order products?

Yes. Just make sure you provide the information about lead times when you send us the company and product details. There is space on the form for this.

I don’t have much stock. Can I still list?

Yes. You can add stock levels to your listing or manually change to out of stock. However, you should avoid being out of stock too often as it may prevent customers from re-visiting your page. Consider doing “made to order” instead.

Do I need a logo?

Ideally, as this will make your company stand out and also look professional. But if you don’t have a logo we will make you a simple placeholder with your company name.

Do I need photos of all of my products?

Ideally, yes. But if you don’t, we will add a placeholder.

How do I get payment?

You can select one or more of the following means of payment: cash on delivery, PayPal and bank transfer. If you use PayPal or bank transfer, you will need to provide us with your account details so we can set it up but payment will come directly to you.

How do I deliver?

That’s up to you. You can deliver yourself, have your own delivery driver or arrange GRAB or xe oms. Namboo does not currently deliver on behalf of its traders but that may change in the future.

What do I pay Namboo?

There are no fees to pay until the end of July 2018. No commission and no subscription.

At the end of the trial period, we will move to a subscription and / or commission based model. We have not yet decided how to structure this as we want to see what type of companies sign up and work out a system that is fair and acceptable. You will be advised at least one month in advance of our proposed fee structure and you are under no obligation to continue listing with Namboo.

See T&Cs for more information.

How do you promote Namboo?

We will promote Namboo through digital marketing and print media (posters, flyers at events, etc.). We will also collect a database of subscriber emails and send out occasional newsletters.

Can you promote my company?

From time to time we will promote our traders through digital media or the newsletter. In addition, you have the option to pay to be a featured trader on our website or our Facebook page. The fee includes design of the slider or advert / post and a fixed time for the slider or a boosted post on Facebook. More details available upon application.

I have a shop, can I still list on Namboo?

Yes, as long as you meet the criteria.

I like knitting / baking / making sauces but I’ve never thought about selling before. Is Namboo for me?

Definitely! Part of our aim is to help and encourage artisans to make and sell their products.

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