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Namboo is dedicated to promoting unique products that have been hand-made or harvested in Vietnam. If you are an artisan producer in Hanoi1 and are looking to grow, Namboo is the place for you!

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Namboo is not intended as a platform for mass produced goods and we do not promote companies or products that have copied designs, products, names or identities from another company. Acceptance of a listing is at the discretion of Namboo.

How it Works

  1. You send us your logo, company details, delivery information and list of products with description, price and photo
  2. We set you up a single webpage within the Namboo website network
  3. Customers can find you via the Namboo homepage or your custom link: (which you can promote on social media, newsletters, anywhere!)
  4. Customers order using the shopping cart feature
  5. You arrange delivery and payment directly with the customer
  6. You will have access to the back-end and can update product details and manage orders
  7. We remain available to support edits or with any other issues you or your customers have

The Cost

We are running a free trial until 31st July 2018 for traders in Hanoi and 31st August 2018 for traders in Danang, Hoi An and HCMC. If you sign-up before that date, there is no commission, no subscription and no set-up fee to pay until the end of the free trial.

At the end of the free trial, you have the option to continue or remove your listing. The fee for continuing your listing will either be based on a monthly subscription + commission on products sold through the site. We have not yet decided on the exact fee structure as we want to review the type of companies we have listed and determine a structure that is fair and as acceptable as possible. The options will be shared with you one month before the end of your trial period and there is no obligation to renew.

During the trial period, you can choose to pay us a fee to promote your page through the Namboo website and on Facebook. A list of packages and prices will be shared with you after sign-up.

The Benefits

In short, Namboo makes it easier for customers to find your products. Instead of having to trawl Facebook or the artisan craft and food markets, Namboo is a central resource that customers can browse and search.

Once they’ve found you, we’ve made it easy for them to order, with an integrated WooCommerce system. The orders come directly to you, as they would from a Facebook form or email, and you fulfil the order with the client.

We are dedicated to growing Namboo as THE marketplace for artisan traders and commit to promoting Namboo through social and other media and, as a result, promote you. However, we also provide upgrade options for traders who want an extra push, for example, a header advert or feature in our newsletter.

There is no risk with Namboo. During the free trial, the basic listing costs you nothing.
So, what have you to lose?

Criteria for Traders

To be considered for a listing on Namboo you must:

  • Source, design or make you own products
  • Be able to fulfil orders directly with customers (delivery, payment)
  • Not mass or factory produce products
  • Not copy any designs, trademarks or names
  • Not infringe on anyone else’s copyright
  • Be based in Vietnam
  • Agree to our terms and conditions

This is not a restaurant delivery website and we do not allow restaurants to sell their full menu or pre-prepared meals on this site. However, restaurants selling own-branded packaged ingredients, for example sauces, or individual products not necessarily intended for immediate consumption, may be considered at the discretion of Namboo.

Customer Service Standards

If you meet our criteria for traders we are happy to list you on Namboo. However, we expect certain standards to be maintained and reserve the right to remove any listings that do not meet these standards. This evaluation will be based on complaints received from customers and the decision of Namboo is final.

  1. Prices and delivery charges must be accurate and up to date
  2. Delivered products must match the description
  3. Delivery must be made on time as agreed with the customer
  4. Product must be suitably packaged
  5. All communication with customers must be polite and courteous
  6. Delivery personnel must provide accurate change

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